My Branding Quiz

Your promise of authentic value!

Your brand should be a promise of value that aligns with your purpose. At its best, it's the elegant articulation of what you can do for your ideal customers, colleagues and clients. But if you’re like most professionals, that's a lot easier said than done. After all, haven't we all had the experience of helping someone else neatly nail their core value yet struggled to find the right message for ourselves? 

That's exactly why I created My Branding Quiz. In less than four minutes, you can step back, take this quick assessment and get a picture of  how well you've defined your value and expressed it across platforms. You’ll not only discover if your core message is memorable and meaningful, but if you're using that message effectively to reach the right people.

After you take this quiz, check your inbox for a summary of your results, some important next steps, and a special bonus to help you take your brand to the next level of clarity and connection!
0 = Not at all
4 = I'm not quite there
7 = I agree with this for the most part
10 = Absolutely!

I. My Brand Purpose

1. I have a clear sense of purpose and mission in my job/business.

2. My business values are closely aligned with my personal values.

3. I review my vision and objectives daily to stay focused on my core purpose.

II. Articulating My Brand

1. I can easily articulate the value I bring to clients, customers, and colleagues.

2. My personal brand (reputation and image) is in alignment with my business or corporate brand.

3. My brand expressions, such as my elevator pitch (or brand promise), website, video, emails, marketing materials, and presentations are ideal representations of my brand purpose.

III. My Brand Strategy

1. I have a step-by-step action guide for building or improving my brand.

2. I use multiple platforms to deliver my brand message to the right people.

3. I assess how well my brand is working in my business/company and improve upon it on an ongoing basis.

IV. My Brand Results

1. My brand opens the door to opportunities such as networking, sales, and promotions.

2. People regularly comment that they are extremely impressed with how I articulate my professional value and that of my organization.

3. My brand consistently helps me move to the next financial level.

V. My Commitment Level

1. I am ready to take action to enhance my brand.

2. I understand the importance of investing in my brand.

3. If invited, I would like to schedule a brand strategy session to explore next steps.

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